Computer education

Today's era is the era of computer. It is being used fast in every field. Knowing computer is very important for any student and person. Our school is able to give students modern, latest and excellent computer education.

Smart class

Technology is growing rapidly. The area of education is also not insulated from it. Students get good studies and they can easily learn new things, such techniques are available today. One of them is a smart class. In which children are given good education by the projector by the projector and by showing the video or pictures of the objects.

Dance & Music

It is very important to have an art together with learning. Man is a social creature. Dance and music are required on a variety of occasions in society. Apart from this, our students do not panic at the stage, fear of stage should not be in their mind. Therefore, dance music and other competence are developed on the basis of their ability to children.

Projects & Crafts

If we do not know what we read, then what did that study do? Where to use it in life, the student should know this thing. Keeping this in mind, useful projects and crafts are made from the students. Such as wind driven cars, beautiful paper craft etc